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Twenty Years as a Freelance Web Developer: Wisdom Gained and Lessons Learned

In the summer of 1998, I embarked on my career as a freelance web developer. Twenty years and more than 300 websites later, I’m still at it. Those interested in making the switch to freelancing have often asked me for advice, and I’ve been happy to help with whatever words of wisdom I can provide. This article is a distillation of much of that.

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Articulate.js: Let the Browser Speak to You

With as little as one line of code, Articulate.js, a jQuery plugin, enables developers to create links that allow users to click, sit back, and listen to the browser read aloud the important content of a Web page. In some ways, it can turn a thoughtful essay or article into a mini podcast. And because it uses built-in JavaScript functionality, no browser extensions or other system software is needed.

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The Essential Meta Tags for Social Media

Which Meta tags are necessary to make a site look good when it's shared on social media? Facebook and Twitter suggest using well more than a dozen, but the truth is that only a few are really needed. So don't needlessly clutter your code — use my Meta Tag Generator, which will help you automate the creation of these tags.

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The Simplest Way to Offer Sharing Links for Social Media

Many Web sites use cumbersome JavaScript plugins or button generators to create the links to share their pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There's no need to go to that trouble when simpler options are available. More details in the article and take advantage of the tools below.

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Purefreedom Tennis: A Different Way of Looking at Tennis Statistics

Not Web development related, this is a compilation of unique statistical analyses of professional tennis matches. As an avid player and fan, this allows me to combine two different parts of my life that I enjoy. The goal was to create a clean layout with animated charts to convey abstract information in a clear manner. Each of these pages was posted on Twitter and viewed by thousands of tennis enthusiasts. It was also retweeted by prominent sportswriters and tennis professionals.

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