My Biography and Résumé

Since the early days of the Internet revolution, I've created hundreds of Web sites for more than 150 clients, each with its own challenges and rewards. Featured corporate projects included an extensive e-commerce site for NARS Cosmetics, an online magazine for The New York Times, and an award-winning site for Altoids. I've also worked with entertainment-oriented clients such as the fashion designer Maja, the actress Savanna Samson, and the rock band Living Colour.

Despite graduating college with a degree in Technology Management, my career actually started on the business side of publishing. After a stint at Spin magazine, I joined the team at Blender, the interactive music magazine on CD-ROM, as the Marketing and Circulation Director. Blender was published by Felix Dennis, the British magnate, and has since been immortalized at the Smithsonian Institution for its impact on popular culture and its revolutionary approach to the periodical format.

After a few years, though, it was time for a change. While teaching computer classes part-time at Noble Desktop in New York as well as consulting for Metropolis magazine, I enrolled in a graphic design program at Pratt Institute to point my career in a new direction. This included taking a couple of electives in HTML and JavaScript that opened my eyes to the process of creating Web sites. One thing led to another and, soon enough, my career as a Web developer began. And I loved it.

In no time, I was freelancing for numerous new media firms and advertising agencies. And sometimes the work extended beyond Web development. With Red Sky Interactive, for example, I directly oversaw a dozen Web developers and served on their executive committee for planning and management.

The freelance work continues to this day.